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About Share the Road

Who We Are

As concerned motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists, and runners, Share the ROAD!'s primary purpose is to act as a catalyst to improve road safety and quality of life in Amarillo, Texas, and facilitate the means to achieve that.

Our Mission

The mission of Share the Road is to improve the safety of drivers, motorcyclist, cyclist, runners and pedestrians by promoting awareness, education, and understanding in Amarillo and the surrounding communities.

Our Vision

  • Raise awareness regarding safety for motorists, cyclists, runners and pedestrians
  • Work to educate people about the numerous health and cost benefits of sidewalks and bike-lanes in order to encourage positive changes in infrastructure that benefit all citizens
  • Reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by collisions between cars and bicycles or pedestrians
  • Encourage motorist to be aware of bicycles, runners and pedestrians on the roads
  • Encourage cyclist, runners and pedestrians to observe traffic laws and safe practices
  • Promote interaction and communication between residents, private organizations and city officials
  • Work with city, county and state officials on policy and planning
  • Partner with AISD, CISD, RRISD and others to educate our children of the dangers of distracted driving
  • Provide educational resources for Amarillo and the surrounding communities

Get Involved

How can you Support Share the Road!? First, take our pledge not to text or do anything that distracts you from the road while behind the wheel. You can take that pledge by clicking here.

Second, you can simply help us spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving. We all know it's dangerous but you still see people weaving between lanes, sitting through stop lights simply because they are distracted. Take the time to educate your friends and family on the dangers and encourage them to do only one thing while behind the wheel--drive!

Third, like us on Facebook and stay informed and educated. We try to share upcoming community events and safety tips on our Facebook page, if you share those too you'll be your part to help educate our community.

Fourth, make a donation to help support our mission. Share the Road! is an all volunteer led,  registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We depend on the generosity of our supports to ensure we have the funds needed to help educated our community on the dangers of distracted driving. Every donation helps, click here to make a donation. Please know how grateful we are for your support.

Let us Help or Talk to Your Group

We love to talk about the dangers of distracted driving! We love to educate people on the rules of the road and we love our community! Whether it's speaking to a civic group or hosting a bike rodeo for kids. If you're looking for a speaker or Share the Road! presentation, just shoot us an email at